Marijuana Legalization Could Bring Big Money to L.A. But Will People of Color Be Able to Cash In?

LA Weekly interviews WAG Founder, Bo Money

Recently LA Weekly sat down with Women Abuv Ground founder, Bonita "Bo" Money, and discussed her feelings about the blooming Cannabis industry and the struggle that many people of color will face when attempting to enter. Here are some quotes from that interview with Dennis Romero from LA Weekly.

"Bonita "Bo" Money, the California creator of That Glass Jar, a cannabis-infused topical product, says the financial barriers, including the costs of licensing, in the legal pot business have her wary about how recreational cannabis would benefit minorities like her. Nonetheless, she's created a group, Women Abuv Ground, to educate would-be cannabis entrepreneurs of color."

"We've decriminalized marijuana, and we've legalized medical marijuana, now what?" Money says. "Now it's 10 times more expensive to get in the business. Ultimately, it's going to take all of us working together, igniting our community to move toward creating a situation where we're not just consumers but business owners. That's what I really want to see."

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